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I Scoop The Poop Is The Only Dog Waste Removal Company You Need in Sicklerville, NJ


First Time Lawn Depooping

$75 per service

Weekly Clients

$20 per service

Biweekly Clients

$25 per service

Dog Waste Removal in South Jersey

Count On Us

I Scoop The Poop shows up on time, ready to go and remove the dog poop in your yard. Contact us to schedule your dog waste removal service. Other companies might give you the runaround but not us. Give us a call and we answer. Text us a message and we respond.

We Scoop The Dog Poop

Weather you’re having a barbecue, your kid’s friend is coming over or you’re just hosting a backyard event, we got you covered. Don’t worry; we’ll remove your dog’s poop so you can relax. Just contact us and we remove the dog waste from your yard.

Sad Dog I Scoop The Poop

Leaving Dog Waste in Your Backyard is Dangerous

A lot of people think that dog poop will breakdown on it’s own well it doesn’t and it could also kill your grass. You also don’t want to be the talk of the neighborhood because of you’re stinky backyard. Poop can contain infectious disease causing bacteria and parasites.

We love our Sicklerville, New Jersey Clients!

We love dogs at I Scoop The Poop
Dog Waste Removal South Jersey

“My husband said you did a great job”

Marissa from Sicklerville, NJ

“Thanks so much for your flexibility”

Kevin from Gloucester TWP, NJ

“…bagged everything…well done”

Richie from Erial, NJ


Serving Sicklerville in South Jersey