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About Us

Our Story

I was picking up after my own dog and then I decided that I could help others around me by picking up after their dogs. Picking up after your dog is good for the environment. Our poop scoop service is the only dog waste removal business you need in South Jersey.

We love dogs, we own a Mini Australian Shepherd. We also love the environment. I Scoop The Poop always clean up after ourselves and our pets so we thought why not clean up after dogs. Our story started when we realized how bad dog poop was for our backyard. It is also terrible for the earth when left on the lawn because eventually it can end up in oceans and further polluting the sea.

We are driven by values

We are a local homegrown business. When it comes to about us, we are not a faceless brand. Other companies may treat you like just another customer but we treat our clients like family because our first clients were family. We started out cleaning the backyards of our relatives and now we are looking to expand.

Super Efficient

If you are looking for a poop scoop service near you, then we would love to help. Give us a call or text to schedule a service.

Deeply Committed

We are serving South Jersey by picking up after their furry loved ones. We love dogs, we love dog owners and we love serving South Jersey.

Highly Skilled

We are the trusted poop scoop service in South Jersey. We have over a year of experience in dog waste removal.

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The Owner

I Scoop the Poop


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My Dad

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