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Sicklerville, NJ

Sicklerville, New Jersey is a great place to work, live and play. We service both the Winslow Township and Gloucester Township side of Sicklerville, NJ. We enjoy working in Sicklerville, NJ because the dog owners here are friendly and appreciate our work ethic.

Sicklerville is a great place to move to. It is close to Philadelphia and has easy access to both the Atlantic City Expressway and Rt. 42. There are malls within a 15 minute drive and outlets in Gloucester Township for most of your retail needs.

There are so many businesses coming here, there is no question to why so many people love living here. Are you looking for great restaurants, sheik clothing stores or delicious fast casual food? It is all here. Do you need to find a suburb barbershop, trendy bakery or popular bar? It is all here.

There is also a great deal of excellent service businesses and medical offices here as well. One service we use ourselves is Call The Maid. They are the premier house cleaning and deep cleaning home service in town and the surrounding area. We are experts at cleaning the outside of your home and they are experts at cleaning the inside of your home.

Sicklerville, NJ is also a great place for middle class and upper middle class Black families who are looking to live with other hard working Black, Latino and Southeast Asian families.

Are you looking to have your lawn serviced by us? Do you need us to scoop the poop in your backyard? Contact us today to schedule a service.