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Best Dog Parks in Burlington County

The Top 4 Dog Parks in Burlington County, NJ

Burlington County is a beautiful place. The county has many streams, marshes and rivers that add to its allure. Almost half a million people live in Burlington County, NJ. That is a lot of people and a lot of households. That of course means a lot of dogs as well. Those dogs might be looking for place for you to walk them. If you are looking for the best dog parks to take your dog in Burlington County, check out this list.

Swedes Run Dog Park

This dog park is located in Moorestown, NJ. This particular park has separate areas for big and small dogs. Dogs who are smaller than 35 pounds can check out the small dog section. The park is fenced in and they also have water available for dogs. This park is free.

Freedom Barks

Freedom Barks is located in Medford, NJ. This is a great place to let your dog unwind off leash. The park is well kept and has flowers for owners to admire while your dog is out having fun. There is even a playground at this park for your dog to enjoy.

Pennington Park

Pennington Park is in Delanco, NJ. This place is another excellent place to take your dog for a walk. Take the whole family because there are also playgrounds here. There are picnic tables as well, maybe you can plan a lunch date with your dog while visiting here. What most people like about this park is that it is clean. Make sure you are picking up after you and your dog so it stays that way.

Ziggy’s Dog Park

Ziggy’s Dog Park is in Palmyra, NJ. This dog park is great for owners who are looking for a small fenced in area. Your dog will have a wonderful time here plus he/she will be able to burn off plenty of energy. Palmyra, NJ is not too far from Philadelphia so this might be a good spot for people right over the bridge to take their dogs.

Thanks for checking out our list. If you do not live in Burlington County, NJ but happen to live in Camden County, NJ then we have a list for you as well.